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Blair: “terrorism would be defeated if Iraq and Afghanistan became stable democracies”

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005


Super Human Police

Monday, November 21st, 2005

On Friday, WPC Sharon Beshenivsky was shot dead by armed robber in Bradford. This is tragic and very sad news and I sincerely hope that the people responsible are caught and brought to justice. Those that decide take up firearms to perpetrate criminal activity should be treated as severely as possibly within the constraints of our judiciary. If/when they are found they should be taken out of society for a very, very, very long time. Not only does this act as a deterrent to others who might consider using a firearms, it also rids us of one more low life from our streets.

But the reaction to this incident has been very odd. The BBC claim that the people in Bradford are "in shock" and are in "disbelief" that such a heinous crime should take place. I really don't understand this, surely people who are in the front line of catching criminals are the ones most likely to get hurt! Why are people so socked? There have been plenty of innocent people murdered by gun crime recently, so what makes the dead of a WPC so shocking?

And now the former head of the Met police, Lord Stevens, now states that the dead penalty should be reinstated for police killers. Is that because to kill a police officer is somehow a worse crime that to kill a lowly citizen? Are the police such super human beings that they should have their own set of laws? (perhaps we should ask the family of Jean Charles de Menesez…ouch).

I would also like Lord Stevens to consider if he'd be proud for this country to sit alongside the other countries that still permit the death penalty (Afghanistan, Cameroon, China, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Rwanda, USA…to name a few)

Yes, respect for authority is important, but when it comes to human life, we are all equal.

Rail Security

Monday, November 14th, 2005

Its obvious that it’s now far too dangerous to travel by train because of the risk of terrorism through luggage and suicide bombers. We all need to deal with this threat in a serious and proper manner – and just stay at home. A ban on all forms of public transport will severely hamper the terrorists and will send out a very strong message to Al Qaeda: will are resolute and will not give in!
Obviously we’d then have to look are private transport and remove any opportunity for car bombers. Perhaps only permit naked drivers in transparent cars? But then the risk would probably shift towards pedestrians – especially those carrying luggage. Obviously, a total ban on any kind of luggage would be the answer. Oh sod it – let’s just ban people.

90 Days

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

One thing that's really starting to get my goat is Blair's predictable attempts at emotional blackmail and political mileage over his defeat. He keeps stating the ludicrous position that every MP that voted against the government is somehow soft on terrorism. Technically, this is bollocks. The police have absolutely no responsibility towards protecting civil liberties and democracy in this country – that is the job of politicians. The MPs listened to the advice given and made the judgement that 90 days was totally incompatible with our democracy. That's why the bill was defeated and not because of petty party politics or leadership conspiracies. The MPs have done their job and should be applauded for finally standing up to this authoritarian, egotistical, arrogant bafoon that we have as Prime Minister.