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Hey Corporal Sam – I’m here!!

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

There’s a rather disturbing article on the BBC website here, which details intentions by the US authorities to profile people’s behaviour on the net to try and spot terrorists. They will first be carrying out analysis to establish “baseline normative behaviours” against which they’ll be able to identify abnormal behaviour. Naturally, anyone straying from this normative baseline will be seen as an enemy to the mighty US and deemed a terrorist. What a complete load of bollocks.

Changes on the net are governed equally by technical innovation and social fashions, there’s not a cat in hell’s chance of any ludicrous baselining keeping up with this change. I for one will consider changing my net behaviour just to get as many alarm bells ringing and red flags waving as possible. They can stick their profiling up their paranoid arses.

Why am I so against this? Because of how the US meters out their wonderful justice. Consider the
next story from the BBC.

The key phrase here is “A US official confirmed launching a strike against “suspected terrorists”". Do the US have no judicial process that assumes innocence before guilt? Ah yes, I almost forgot – the aberration to all that believe in democracy – Guantanamo Bay.
So, expect bombs to be raining down in London soon, as the US flexes it’s global muscle and blows everything up.

One day their profiling software will control the warplanes…