Official: Jacqui Smith is a corrupt witch

It seems that this dreadful woman has been caught with her hands in the tax payer’s till.

She is claiming that the house in which her husband and children live is not her main home, and so has pocketed £116,000 in expenses. She claims that her main residence is a flat in London. But along come her London neighbours, Dominic and Jessica Taplin, who know exactly how often she stays there because of the platoon of security personnel that accompany her.

Mrs Taplin said: “When I read that she says she spends most of the week here, I thought, ‘That is a fabrication’.” ie bollocks.

The parliamentary Standards Commissioner, John Lyon, has now accepted this complaint and will investigate the matter fully.  JS contests that she has done nothing wrong.

Well, we’ll see about that shall we. With all these snooping powers that she and her crooked predecessors have introduced, it should be very easy to establish the truth. There must be mountains of CCTV footage recording her movements,  mobile phone records and an email trail that will prove exactly where she was and when. Ha ha! She could be trapped by her own snooping laws! Let’s get all that information into the public domain and we’ll see how she likes her privacy being wrenched into the open.

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2 Responses to “Official: Jacqui Smith is a corrupt witch”

  1. Jane Goody Says:

    I can tell that this is not the first time at all that you write about the topic. Why have you decided to write about it again?

  2. innerhippy Says:

    Because she deserves it.