Blair: The public are behind me

I would just like to make it known, that I am utterly and totally opposed to Blair's proposal for 90 day internment for suspects. He has often claimed that he has public opinion behind him, well I am not and nor do I know anyone who is. If he takes the opinion from the memorial service last week as indicative of wider public opinion then he is even more demented that I thought.

The reason why there's so much much objection to the proposed law is not for some cheap challenge to his authority – it is simply because WE BELIEVE IT A REALLY, REALLY BAD IDEA. I don't know what he agenda is, but I hope he sees past his own pathetic legacy and sees what damage he is doing to our democracy.

Listen up you moron: YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR US.

One thing that could swing tomorrow's crucial commons vote is something that would galvanise MPs into feeling a sense of outrage or fear. This could be the same that fear that Blair relies upon to control this country. He will use this fear to try and get his own way because is he does not then he's heading for his first – and possibly last – defeat. Now what could possibly happen to create that fear? Something terrible? Do I smell some kind of conspiracy?

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