Extraordinary Rendition

The PMOS (Prime Minister's Official Spokesman) was asked yesterday why the PM's influence over the US was so weak, especially over the sticky issue of Guantanamo Bay. Blair has secured the release of the handful of UK citizens, but the PMOS said that the US was a sovereign country and they would have to take the decisions on this, not us. He also added, "The Prime Minister's position was clear and, as a result of that, certain provisions concerning UK citizens had been made and the rest of it was not a matter for us".

Hang on a minute, what did he say, "not a matter for us". Really? So detaining people without access to basic human rights is ok as long as they're not a UK citizens? What a ridiculous thing to say! Since when did events in foreign countries affecting foreign people prevent us from getting involved (for good or bad reasons)?

It sounds like the poodle has done some token yapping but doesn't have any true conviction on moral issues. Like we didn't know.

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