No inquiry into 7/7 bombings…surprise surprise.

So, Charles Clarke's decided not to hold a public enquiry into the 7/7 bombings. One of the most serious terrorist incidents, certainly one of the most significant, ever to take place within these shores and apparently there's nothing to learn from it, no questions need to be answered, no forum considered for grieving relatives or the crippled victims, no racial issues to be addressed, nothing, nothing, nothing. Instead, it will be brushed under the carpet and we're just supposed to accept the government's account of events and circumstances.

Well I'm sorry you big eared control (order) freak, but that's simply not good enough. The track record of accountability, openness and fairness isn't too great under this government. We trusted you with Iraq's WMD and that turned out to be a great big pile of steaming horse manure – you blew all your Trust Credit on that one pal.

So victims groups have called for a public enquiry, so has Iqbal Sacranie from the Muslim Council of Britain, so have both opposition parties, the media, in fact everyone has! So what are you hiding from? What are you determined to keep under wraps? To try and fob us off with some insipid, limp-wristed, wishy-washy "narrative of events" chaired by some government civil servant (can you see the strings?) is staggeringly stupid. This one really will not go away.

The cover-up culture seems to have spread to Jack S-S-S-S-Straw, who recently refused a public enquiry into the UK's involvement in the US's "extraordinary rendition" policy (erm, torture). One of these days the lid will come off this government and we'll all watch in horror as the sleaze slowly oozes out and only then will we really find out how much damage President Blair has done. It feels increasingly like they've already given up the election in 3 years time – so what do they care?

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