The art of lying

Another 14 British troops were killed yesterday when a Nimrod plane crashed in Afgantistan.

The MoD (Ministry of Deception) were very quick to dismiss claims that Taliban forces shot it down with a Stinger missile.

Enter Des Brown: "Frankly the Taliban regularly make claims which we know to be untrue and I think in this case this is instructive of the nature of their dishonesty and I think it's an object lesson for the media of the world to the extent at which they are prepared to lie in order to generate propaganda"

Narurally, the British government would never stoop to such depths as to lie in order to generate propaganda. Remember WMD? Remember what the hell we're doing in Afganistan in the first place?

One Response to “The art of lying”

  1. Zapdude Says:

    Jeez kiddo, I think your in Afghanistan to control the Taliban? Wait a second…wasn't it the rising amount of heroin production?,,1796794,00.html
    I just get so damn confused sometimes.