Fear is spongy opaque blob
of irrational terror
that feeds off your oxygen
streams through your veins like hot tar
sits in your stomach as a spiky knot,
invades your thoughts
makes frowns
throws your balance off centre.


You run away from fear, but not very far
You bury it in distractions, and it rises to the top
It sits there nagging, spitting,
gripping, fixating


Pause for thought and turn to the fear
Stroke it’s ugly head
Give it a piece of bread
and cheese with pickle
Sit with your fear and sing it a song
A lullaby, a nursery rhyme
Give it plenty of time

The fear now sits and skulks
Turns to putty, soft and mellow

Now take your hands and inspect what’s left
Peel off the layers, one by one
Each one getting softer
And warmer
And finally,
the centre

Where there’s a note written in fear:
From the fear, saying nothing but

Help! I’m scared! Help me please!

There’s nothing to fear in fear
except the fear that
you’ll never fear.


Written in 7.5 minutes flat and dedicated to abp, with love.

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