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Blair: “terrorism would be defeated if Iraq and Afghanistan became stable democracies”

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005


Thank God for the Lib Dems?

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Well done to Charles Kennedy for coming out with the stunning revelation that "Blair is costing lives". At last a British politician has done some plain speaking that attacks Bush's preposterous "War On Terror". He also makes the connection between the invasion and an increase in the threat of terrorism – a widely held view that Blair is belligerently refusing to accept. Kennedy should be applauded for making such a stance, but the guy's a twit so I'm not going to. Maybe that's a bit harsh, after all he's in charge of a party full of twits – despite having some of the most sensible and honest policies in the UK. Shame.

Taking a leak

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

It seems that more and more "reports" are being leaked to the press these days. They are usually areas of public concern over the effects that institutions or corporations can have over our health well-being. For example, today's leak is over passive smoking that indicates a health risk to others. Just because someone has taken the trouble to write in a glossy report seems to increase it's credibility to the press. How on earth can passive smoking not be bad for the health?
But more significantly, I'd like to know what the current statistics on leaked reports. A woman was arrested last week over allegations of information incontinence and she worked in government offices. By leaking these documents does this assume that they would not have otherwise been available in the public domain? Perhaps someone thought that the report might have suffered in the hands of political censors before being made pubic, or perhaps it was a pre-emptive leak before the government spin machine could whisk up an opposing view to counterbalance the report. And then there's always Jo Moore's infamous diversionary tactics: "Sounds like a good day to bury some bad news". The cynic would say, and I am, that a recent example of this was Blair disappearing to Africa to champion The Good Fight against all that's wrong in Ethiopia (where do we start…) at the same time that the ISG published their report. Coincidence?
Anyway, back to leaks. Does this seeming increase of leaks suggest that there are more people willing to break the rules if they believe that the rules are wrong. Has this government created such an environment of distrust in the machinery of government that it can no longer be relied upon serve the best interests of the people of this country? They seem to have triggered spat a white-collar and blue-rinse paper vigilantes! The pen really is mightier than the sword and these people should be applauded for their (direct) action. Sometimes they will get it wrong and bad information will become public ammunition. What would have happened if some of the war's "intelligence" reports had been leaked. Then the spin of Blair would not have become so credible and perhaps this mess could have

Shouting at the TV set

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

The political butterfly effect. Just perhaps someone phones into a political chat show (with some minor politicians who have no real influence but at there as government puppets preaching the party mantra). Suppose this caller has a slightly different twist on the argument that hasn't really been used before. Then perhaps the opposition politician might grasp this and add it to the debate on the next chat show he or she does. Other politicians hear this thread of opportunity and adopt it as there's. And all of a sudden in morphs into an effective weapon to stab the government, such that the government has to acknowledge this slant and either defend their position against it or adopt the position as their own (with a liberal dose of "spin" so that they can claims ownership). All of a sudden this slant is now government policy that has international approval and eventually gets filtered down to The Battlefield where it becomes the law.
So, it seems that Mrs Badcrumble from Milton Keynes can make a difference. So perhaps we should all adopt the principle that we all need to push our points of view across in any way we can, and eventually one will seep through the political curtain and a politician will brush against it. It's no use shouting at the TV. A phone is a far better tool!