Shouting at the TV set

The political butterfly effect. Just perhaps someone phones into a political chat show (with some minor politicians who have no real influence but at there as government puppets preaching the party mantra). Suppose this caller has a slightly different twist on the argument that hasn't really been used before. Then perhaps the opposition politician might grasp this and add it to the debate on the next chat show he or she does. Other politicians hear this thread of opportunity and adopt it as there's. And all of a sudden in morphs into an effective weapon to stab the government, such that the government has to acknowledge this slant and either defend their position against it or adopt the position as their own (with a liberal dose of "spin" so that they can claims ownership). All of a sudden this slant is now government policy that has international approval and eventually gets filtered down to The Battlefield where it becomes the law.
So, it seems that Mrs Badcrumble from Milton Keynes can make a difference. So perhaps we should all adopt the principle that we all need to push our points of view across in any way we can, and eventually one will seep through the political curtain and a politician will brush against it. It's no use shouting at the TV. A phone is a far better tool!

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