True Democracy

So, during the Labour party conference yesterday Walter Wolfgang, 82, shouted "nonsense!" during Jack Straw's speech, just when he was trying to get the point across that they were only in Iraq to build democracy. This was clearly a breach of freedom of speech – Jack Straw has every right to say what he thinks. Iraq was then shown how a proper democracy should work by the efficient and swift removal of this evil and dangerous man, by Straw's Security (otherwise known as the 'SS'). As it transpires, this man was clearly a threat to security as he has a history of evading authorities. Only in 1937 did he manage to escape from Nazi Germany! Our own authorities (otherwise known as 'The Police') fortunately acted quickly enough to prevent any further security breach and detained him under the Terrorism Act. Or was the fox hunting act..erm, well which ever one they used, it had the desired effect.

This was a close call for Labour, and lessons must be learnt. Not only did this man interrupt a speech by a member of The Party, he even had the audacity to question the integrity of the Foreign Secretary! Either these conferences need to be held in private or we need better screening of members of the audience. Just one glance at his name should have told the conference organisers that he might be trouble – why was he let in at all?

I hope the people of Iraq can learn from this incident. In a true democracy (the one we're giving you), freedom of speech is very important and must be preserved at all costs: but for heaven's sake, just make sure that its from people you know and trust! You have the full weight of your own security forces (the ones we're giving you) in order to impose your freedom of speech and ensure that your future (the one we're ruined you) isn't compromised by silly little men like these.

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