Question Time

I would like to propose a new feature for BBC's Question Time. At the end of the program there should be an audience clapometer to indicate how well they thought the panel faired. Maybe a custard pie for the one with the worst rating?

From last night's program my impression of the panel was… (oh, and please feel free to comment!)

Ken Clarke
Surprisingly accomplished performance by the hush puppied, jowler wobbling old boy. His candidacy for the Tory leadership was, I originally thought, quite comical. But his apparent honesty and people's touch have won him many supporters and his momentum (all of it) is gaining. Had the popular vote from the audience – or was it a protest vote. Almost blew it at the end by denouncing wind power in favour of nuclear.

Simon Hughes
Muddled and incoherent arguments with no real passion or self belief. Came out with a few mediocre pro-liberal stabs but was largely ineffective. Was chastised by Dimbleby for not answering a question and then behaved like a naughty school boy.

Janet Street-Porter
Excellent performance all round. That end of the table always seems to be reserved for people with lucid opinions who have no need for accountability, but she spoke buckets of common sense and was very eloquent in execution. Her obsession with anti-private practice in the NHS was, however, a little naive and unrealistic.

Steven Green
What a tit! Wasn't able to form a single opinion of his own without first quoting from the bible. A miserable performance at ever conceivable level that would make even (his) God utterly embarrassed. Every time he spoke there was a collective groan from the audience. He made me feel slightly sick.

Patricia Hewitt
This can't have been easy for her as the knives were out and sharpened by the audience and fellow panellers alike. Despite the tide of public opinion against her she gave a robotic performance designed to disarm her (and government) critics by deliberately waffling on about absolutely nothing for as long as she was allowed to get away with. Sapped up precious broadcasting time with bags of government spin, empty sentiments and painfully slow delivery. Pathetic Hewitt. Should have had a sack of potatoes instead.

David Dimbleby
Possibly the sharpest and most hostile I have seen him in a long time – gave the panel a tough time and elicited some hard truths (especially from God's Twit). Apart from when he kept banging on about an IDS quotation to Ken Clarke to the point of embarrassment, he was otherwise quite brilliant.

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