What's this ridiculous obsession with bottled water these days. It's the new fashion that says "Look at me, my body's fucking temple – I'm such a highly honed athlete that I need a constant supply of fresh mountain water to keep the delicate healthy balance in my body". Crap, total crap. What will happen if these bottle clingers forget their precious cargo for that 30 minute meeting with the boss? What the hell do they think will happen? Perhaps they're convinced that they get struck down with a violent attack of thirst-itis. Will they have to crawl on the belly back to their desk cry "w-a-t-e-r….w-a-t-e-r…". Or maybe these athletic bodies will suddenly collapse due to their water drip supply being broken and end up as a dessicated bag of nostrils and bones. For fuck sake! Drink when you're thirsty but please don't try and convince us that your pristine organs need to be constantly embalmed in sodding water. Grrrr.

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