Is it a coincidence…

…that when I read a news article that really makes my bloody boil, it's usually about the same person – Tony Bloody Blair! I'm sorry for ranting on (well, almost), but this cretin has done it again. Whilst defending his ludicrous anti-terror plans, he claims that it would be "irresponsible" to ignore police calls to let them hold terrorists for 90 days without charge. It sounds like he's trying to blame the police for this and that he is servant to their demands. Furthermore he states "That is what we need to make this country safe". I've never heard so much crap in all my life! He is saying that internment (which is exactly what it is) will stop terrorist attacks. Actually I agree, this would work – if we lock up every man and woman between the ages of 5 and 90 (which conveniently includes Walter Wolfgang).

Whenever he tries to make contentious policy, he always blames some other authority as justification for his actions. He's blamed the police here just as he blamed the JIC when excusing himself from taking us into an illegal war. The man appears incapable of taking responsibility for being Prime Minister because he has surrounded himself by 'yes' men and women. History has shown many times that this is never a good idea – the film Downfall show this very nicely indeed.

People seem to gloss over the content of the tripe that spouts out of his mouth because we have become so used to the effluent of political lies and spin. People seem hypnotised by his oration and charisma instead of hearing the dangerous agenda he is setting for our democracy. I honestly believe that he's even hypnotised himself and has started believing his own flawed reasoning.

Charles Clark, the Minister for Lies and Deception, was asked by the Commons home affairs committee whether people supporting Nelson Mandela's ANC would have fallen foul of his proposed legislation that outlaws the glorification of terrorism. His answer was "people would not have been guilty merely by not condemning the ANC". Yes folks, that really was his reply. Anyone else getting worried?

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